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2010 Conference for Architecture and Design Tel Aviv

Around 30 architects, including Tal Senior and about 15 designers are invited to exhibit at the 2010 Conference for Architecture and Design which is planned to take place on May 27th. The exhibitors will display their latest projects in an organized exhibition at the Tel Aviv Culture hall adjacent to the not long ago renovated grand Town Square. The conference is the biggest architecture and design professional event in Israel. The exhibition, conference and cocktail meeting are organized in collaboration with Domus – the well-known Italian magazine for architecture and design. Last year around 10,000 people visited the event during one day. Save the date…





TSA is working on the design of the Train station and outer urban surroundings at Druzhba residential quarter in Sofia, Bulgaria. In recent years, this part of the city has begun teeming with commercial and public functions… The actual site upon which the station is planned has an area of 5,080 m². The station should maintain a level of service with a maximum passenger flow of 7,000 passengers/hour…



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